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How can you get to CHORS

CHORS hostel contact | CHORS is situated in pedestrian zone on Obchodná 43 Street, Old town, the most popular part of Bratislava for tourists. It offers comfortable connection of public transport with goal destination - station "Vysoká", which is only 50m from CHORS.

Entrance to pedestrian zone is limited by time and free access only between 6:00 - 9:00 a.m. when you can easily get by car directly in front of CHORS, although without the possibility of parking. Outside these hours the entrance to pedestrian zone is allowed by virtue of a certificate issued by municipal office.


CHORS can easily appoint a taxi for you for a fee.

  • from Bratislava´s airport for the price of € 25
  • from the main train station for the price of € 15
  • from the main bus station for the price of € 15


Accommodated guests have a public parking place at their disposition very close to CHORS, situated on

Public parking is paid. You can pay by short text message or through iOS and Android application.

CHORS will provide, according to availability, a parking place on the premises of CHORS on Vysoka Street 250m from CHORS. Price for the parking place is 15 € / day.

You can also use the parking place inside the parking house Tatracentrum at Vysoka Street 400m from CHORS.


Direct connection by car from airport to CHORS is 13 km far and the route lasts for 15 min.

Connection by means of a public transport is very easy with one transfer station. Total time is 35 min. Public transport starting by taking bus #61 (17 stations, 25 min.) and with the transfer station to tram #1 (4 stations, 6 min.) to the station „Hlavná stanica“ and you get off at the goal station „Vysoká“.

Public transport in Bratislava is paid and you can get a ticket by sending a short text message from your phone or through iOS a Android application.

Main train station

For those travelling by train to Brartislava the transport to CHORS is direct without changing stations by tram #1 (4 stations, 6 min.) getting off at the goal station „Vysoká“.


For those travelling to Bratislava you can get to CHORS by getting on bus #21 (1 station, 2 min.) with transfer station to tram station „Krížna“ no. 8 (3 stations, 5 min.) and getting off at the goal station „Vysoká“.

Public transport around CHORS

Busses: 31, 39, 59, 80, 94
Trams: 1, 5, 7, 8
Trolley-busses: 202, 203, 207, 208, 212
Night connections: N44, N53, N55, N61, N70, N72

  • Obchodná 43
  • Bratislava
  • 811 06