A Guide to exploring Slovakia´s Capital City

Bratislava the Capital city

A Guide to exploring Slovakia´s Capital City


Bratislava is a city of permanent action! There are a lot of things to do every day. CHORS regularly prepares a review of ht emost interesting events and activities happening in Bratislava. Various musical, sport or other events will be at your disposition in our updated calendar. 


The gastronomy of Bratislava changed dramatically through the last years. You can taste food from all over the world: Czech, Italian, Austrian, Hungarian or traditional Slovak kitchen. you can enjoy fantastic tastes of traditional meals such as potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon or many more. Please, meet the best restaurants and cafes what you can find close to CHORS and go for it.


Bratislava - the capital city is very popular for organizing celebrations, ladies nights or various other parties. Many tourists come back to live the fantastic experience of the city again. Bratislava is multicultural. Have you tried everything Bratislava offers you? Here is what CHORS recommend for you to see.


Have you forgot something? Do you want to go shopping? Would you like to visit our shopping centers in Bratislava? See what CHORS recommend for you to visit.


Bratislava - the Capital city of Slovakia is full of historical buildings and cultural events. Discover the culture and art of Bratislava. There are many museums, parks or other interesting places for you to see during the week or weekend. You can relax in local parks or gardens. Come and get some positive energy. CHORS prepared the lsit of selected cultural events and parks and places for you to visit.


Bratislava - the Capital city offers you unforgettable moments spent with your family and friends. Here is what CHORS selected for you to see in teh Capital city and around trips and tourism.

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