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Healthy body means healthy spirit

Bratislava is surrounded with a beautiful nature of Small Carpathians and several interesting momunets. All you have to do is to go for it.

Television tower Kamzík


sky restaurant - €€€€

5 km from CHORS, Kamzík

Television tower is the highest building in Bratislava. It is almost 200m high. It is a transmission tower and it is located in a beautiful forest above the city center. on the top there is a restaurant Altitude where you can enjou your meal as well as a beautiful panoramic view of Bratislava.

Červený kameň castle

historical castle - €€€

37km from CHORS, Častá

Červený Kameň castle is the most beautiful castle around. Thanks to its beautiful atmosphere it has become a very popular place to visit. There is a bar where you can enjoy wine, a restaurant and a coffee bar.


moderné umenie - €€€

23km od CHORS, Vodné dielo Slovensko

Danubiana is one of the most romantic museums of modern art in europe. It offers exhibitions of the most popular artists of Slovak , European and world fine arts. It is located in a beutiful nature close to the river Danube.

Hrad Devín

national monument - €€€€

13km from CHORS, Devín

Devín castle is situated in a beautiful nature very close to Bratislava. The ruins of Devín were occupied by Celts and there is a beautiful view of the river Danube, Morava.

Schlosshoff in Austria

national cultural monument - €€€€

29km from CHORS, Schlosshoff

The area of Schlosshoff castle is bigger than 70ha. There is a historical castle, garden and a farm. Many faous historical names are connected with this castle: Maria Theresia.