How to get a CHORSGod NFT?


Starting September and
available via Polygon blockchain. www.metachors.com


Airdropped *

Simply stay @ MetaCHORS Blocks, buy a €100 voucher for your next stay and get

  • CHORSGod NFT airdropped at no additional cost

  • Early access to real MetaCHORS postage stamp 

  • Early access to Physical replicas of your digital CHORSGod NFT

* The same way you receive a text message, you will now receive your NFT, right into your crypto wallet


Minted *

Price: €200
(in MATIC – Polygon blockchain token)

Minters get a €100 voucher redeemable for a stay @ MetaCHORS Blocks

More info on Twitter

* Minting is the first purchase of an NFT, which writes it on the blockchain



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