What is an NFT?
Digital asset existing on the blockchain that can represent art, music, videos or in-game items.

Which Blockchain?
CHORSGods NFTs will exist on the Polygon blockchain, a scalable and eco-friendly sidechain that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain 

What are MetaCHORS Blocks?
A new accommodation section of CHORS like a hotel and a live interpretation of blockchain technology where all the CHORSGod NFT benefits apply

Does my NFT discount stack on top of other discounts?
Yes. If a room is already discounted e.g. €90 > €60, with a CHORSGod NFT you will only pay €48 (extra 20% discount applicable only if bought @ cho.rs or metachors.com)

How do I set up a Crypto Wallet, buy and mint an NFT?
Join our Telegram group for guidance

When can I buy a CHORSGod NFT?
September, for exact date and updates follow us on Twitter or Instagram

What is an NFT Memorabilia?
A postcard living on the Polygon blockchain in the form of an NFT, CHORSGod NFT owners will get 1 for free every time they come and stay @ MetaCHORS
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