CHORS brings you tips & tricks for traveling


CHORS brings you tips & tricks for traveling

The World’s first NFT hostel, coming from Slovakia

Having received the International Hospitality Award for the best hostel in Europe in 2020, we are transforming the hospitality industry yet again. CHORS is introducing the World’s first NFT hostel where the hospitality experience will soon be extended into the Metaverse via CHORSGod NFTs (non fungible tokens). Read more...



The very first exhibition at ART Boutique hostel CHORS. Read more...



CHORS like a hotel won an international award again

As part of the prestigious BigSEE Tourism Design 2020, CHORS like a hotel received an award in “Architecture & Design as experience“ category, as well as a nomination for the Grand Prix. Read more...


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Best coffee places in Bratislava

Bratislava has so many amazing coffee houses to discover and sip great coffee at. The third wave coffee movement has left a big mark on the city scene, and you can rest assured you will find perfectly tasting coffee on almost every corner of the city. I have put together a few of my own personal favourites. So go check them out! Read more.


Discover the Green Places of Bratislava

Bratislava is a city of many green places, and you can find them on almost every corner. From palace gardens, to hiking woods, there is a lot of nature to discover even though you are in the capital city. Simply strolling down the historical streets and taking a little break in one of the parks on the way is something the locals enjoy doing, especially in the summertime, when the lush greenery and trees offer some respite from the heat. Read more.


Best Viewpoints in Bratislava

Bratislava is the perfect size city for good viewpoints. Not too big, with a historical center which is perfectly compact, dominated by the castle on hill. What is more, thanks to the Danube River splitting the city center from some of the residential areas, you can get an even more interesting view of old and new. Read more.


Traditional Slovak Sweets

Slovak cuisine is pretty amazing. It is extremely comforting and rich, and very tasty at that. But once you look away from all the traditional cheese and potato dishes, and into the world of desserts, you are in for an even better treat. Let me take you on an exploration of some of the must try pastries and sweets the country has to offer. Read more.


CHORS like a hotel situated in center of Bratislava has won his first international award that includes the best hostel in Europe!

Last weekend was marked by prestigious event for the hotels in Europe. International Hospitality Awards took place in Kiev, where winners were chosen from 26 different hotel categories and one hostel category out of a total of 8 000 nominations. Read more.


Alipay already in Slovakia! You can pay with app at CHORS like a hotel

Slovakia is following footsteps of digital giants, and first art boutique hostel in Europe is showing dominance. Have you ever heard about Alipay payment system? An online wallet that you will never lose and your life becomes easier.Read more.

ali pay


International hospitality awards

International Hospitality Awards

We got another huge success. This time we appeared at the prestigious INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY AWARDS, where we were the only ones in Slovakia to reach the final in the category BEST HOSTEL!

Read more.


The Strange Slovak Traditions You Need to Know About

Slovakia is country where traditions are weaved into the fabric of social life. There are customs, which are common for the whole country and then there are smaller regional differences, where every part of the country came up with their own specific celebrations. For foreigners, the Slovak folklore, just like some of the traditional Slovak foods, is bizzare, which is why it is so interesting to learn about it. What would be even better is if you plan your Slovakia trip to include the dates of some big celebrations, and witness the folklore in full bloom even today. Read more.


How to save money for travels

What are the main obstacles for travel for you? Chances are it’s either time restriction, or money. Or both. If you find it difficult to save enough finances for that weekend trip you’ve been dreaming of, or the beach holiday your friends are inviting you to, maybe it’s time to look at your spending habits at home and see where you might be able to change your habits in order to support your travels. Read more.


How to plan travels in advance

Travelling is a big deal, and if we are lucky enough, we get to do a lot of it. But travelling doesn’t just happen by itself. It requires research, preparation, and some vital know-how, which are all skills that take time to acquire. However, you can jump ahead and learn what you need by following some basic steps. Read more.

Embrace  Sustainable Travel

We are living in the age of plastic. We have covered our cities, and our nature, with unnecessary amounts of packaging, plastic bags, straws, boxes. We have created overflowing landfills and rubbish-filled beaches, and we have turned our cities into garbage dumps. Read more.

Meet us - CHORS like a hotel

CHORS has been designed as a unique concept for all adventurers. It is a project that is aimed at people who value quality, but do not want to compromise on the lively socialization typical of the hostel culture. CHORS offers accommodation in exclusive capsules built for the most demanding traveller, as well as for the soul living for new experiences. Read more.


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