CHORS like a hotel

What is CHORS hostel and what you get

CHORS like a hotel

What is CHORS hostel?

CHORS hostel is a place of social experiences. Travelers come and meet, share common space, get to know new cultures and create new friendships. There is always a perfect and funny atmosphere in CHORS. CHORS is an excellent place not only from the social experience point of view but also from its standard point of view, which is present in hotels of the highest quality. So far CHORS has been the place where travelers rest on their travels but now, our guests can be part of the virtual Metaverse, because our new NFT blocks MetaCHORS.


With your accommodation in CHORS, you get:

  • A choice from two types of unique Comfort or Classic Capsules with four, six, eight or ten Capsules in dormitories
  • A choice of three private Business rooms with independent stylish bathrooms. (2x business rooms for three people, 1x business room for four people)
  • A choice from 27 NFT blocks
  • A choice from six Dependence apartments in the center of Bratislava within a diameter of four kilometers from CHORS like a hotel
  • Unique "like a hotel" accommodation of a quality, comfort and environment similar to a hotel

You find the price includedthese extras in CHORS:

  • Comfort Capsules of a size of 120 cm for one or two people
  • Classic Capsules of a size of 90 cm for one person
  • Rich, practical and smart storage space in each Capsule including electrical socket and lightning
  • Possibility of complete obscurity of each Capsule with energy-saving blinds ensuring undisturbed visual privacy
  • Independent Capsules in the all-female dormitory (4 Pax Classic Capsules)
  • Fully equipped kitchen with all necessary kitchen utensils for accommodated guests with refrigerator and microwave
  • 24/7 reception with a bar
  • High-speed Wi-Fi in common premises as well as in each dormitory and all rooms.
  • Basic hygienic equipment including a big towel for the Business room and NFT block and a small towel for the Capsule (100x50cm). Body shampoo and hairdryer included in bathroom free
  • Key card for getting to your wardrobe, dormitory and main entrance to the building.
  • Automatic air conditioning in common premises as well as all dormitories and apartments.
  • Android Netflix Smart TV in business rooms and common premises, calcetto, darts, books, ping pong and social games
  • Social hub and Meeting room available for your work or social games
  • High-tech control of lights in dormitories.
  • Access to all most frequently used links of public transport (Obchodná 43, Bratislava).
  • Tips and advice on local activities, places and events.
  • Friendly, English-speaking receptionists always help you and give advice.
  • Discounts in local restaurants, coffee bars, events and shops.
  • Specials (2 nights free, last moment)
  • For every night you stay with us, you get a free day at Campus Cowork (save €20/day). This is a limited offer and only for 3 days
  • Lemonade free
  • Disabled bathroom
  • Patio in summertime
  • CHORSGod NFT Loyalty program 
  • Storage room for your luggage
  • Temporary art galleries
  • Storage for your bicycle is possible only on our patio
  • Check-in anytime after 15:00, Check out 10:00 (Reception 24/7)
  • It is possible to pay by Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin via your Crypto wallet

For an additional fee

  • Continental breakfast ALL YOU CAN EAT 6,90 € if you book immediately or 8,90 € in the morning. Breakfast from 06:00 to 10:00.
  • If you are hungry, we have Pizza, a draft Slovak beer Pilsner, a draft or bottle of Slovak wine Víno Tureček
  • Washing and drying clothes (without ironing) 15 €
  • Exclusive coffee 2,50 €
  • CHORS will provide, according to availability, a parking place (just 3 spots) on the premises of CHORS on Vysoka Street 250m from CHORS. The price for the parking place is 20 € / day. YOU NEED TO BOOK IN ADVANCE.
  • City bike rental (5€ - 1 hour, 10€ - half a day, 15 €- whole day)
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