in Bratislava and surroundings

Culture and Parks

in Bratislava and surroundings

CHORS brings you a guide of the most popular cultural sightseeing of Bratislava. Bratislava is a very beautiful city. You will find many hstorical buildings and interesting places in Bratislava.

Castle of Bratislava

Historical building - €€€

2 km from CHORS, Námestie Alexandra Dubčeka

This symbol of Bratislava is situated right in the center of the historical center of Bratislava. Enjoy a beautiful view from the Castle.

Park of Janko Kráľ

Park - €€€€

4 km from CHORS, Petržalka

Park of Janko Kráľ is a public park where you come, relax and enjoy beautiful nature. There are many beautiful trees in the park.

Sad Janka Kráľa

Prezidentský Palác

Prezidentský palác

Historical building - €€€€

750 m od CHORS, Hodžovo námestie 1

Grasalkovičov palace or Presidential palace is one of the most important historical buildings at Hodžovo square in the center of Bratislava. Presidential palace has been the seat for the president since 1996. There is a beautiful garden on French style.

Slovenský rozhlas

Interesting architecture - €€€€

850 m od CHORS, Mýtna 1

The Radio building is a steel construction in form of a pyramide. The construction won an award in the category of constructions in Slovakia. inside there are beutiful concert halls for organizing concerts.


Memorial monument- €€€€

1,7 km od CHORS, Slavín

Slavín is a memorial monument and military cemetery. It is the burial ground of thousands of Soviet Army soldiers who died during the World War. There is a total of 6 845 solders.

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