6 PAX Comfort Capsules

The most generous Capsule accommodation in CHORS offers a comfortable solution for each guest with huge 120 cm wide beds. There are three Upper Capsules with Front Entry and three Bottom or one Caesar Capsule 250 cm wide offering an ideal solution for up to four people. CHORS Capsule hostel offers accommodation where you find privacy with all necessary equipment, including electric socket, LED lights, multiple shelves and roler blind. Separatly, from the back of each capsule you can find classic, hgh, full-size wardrobe lockable by means of a hostel card with hangers. The dormitory is equipped with design lamps, endless table with built-in electric sockets, with comfortable chairs and three luxury velvet armchairs.

6 PAX Comfort Capsules
Accommodation specification
  • Free WiFi
  • AC
  • Towel
  • Linen
  • Wardrobe with hangers
  • Barrier-free access
  • No smoking area
  • Body shampoo
  • Mirror
  • Information

    Capsule and Dormitory amenities

    Capsule amenities

    • towel with small towel
    • bed linen
    • individual blackout
    • individual inside lightning
    • electrical socket
    • multiple storage spaces
    • key card locker with hangers

    Dormitory amenities

    • outside shared bathroom
    • body shampoo
    • smart lighting
    • endless desk
    • 4 x comfortable velvet chairs
    • 3 x exclusive armchair with small conference table
    • original painting
    • mirror
    • stylish carpet
    • WiFi
    • AC